If that isn’t a whimsical smile I don’t know what is…..yes, that’s me

If that isn’t a whimsical smile I don’t know what is…..yes, that’s me

Who are you and why should your clients care?

It’s tough out there, there are all sorts of people trying to grab your attention. The internet is a hive of activity and you, like millions of others are trying to get the attention of potential customers, clients, businesses, people you want to reach, your ideal target audience.

Thing is, it’s really hard to make yourself known, and a person’s attention span is really short on the internet, they stay for around 10 seconds till they move on to the next site.

What you may not realise is that the first place people migrate to when they visit your website, that is after your Homepage, is your About Me Page.


Have you ever been more shocked than this group of monkeys??

I think not….

Yup, that’s right - surprised?  

Yes, so was I, but it’s true.

Clients, customers, they all want to find the face behind the business, they want to know who YOU are, whether you’re an individual or a group. If they don’t like what they see, they move on. End. Of.

If what they see bores them, they move on. And that’s the end of that folks.

No, your audience don’t want to see a paragraph of your academic achievements, your sporting trophies from high school and a chronological list of your career history so far, or how well you can pout on Instagram. No sireee.

That my friend is what your CV is for. But not your Instagram pout…

What people want to see is who you are, what motivates you, why you started your business, and how you tick. If you give them something they can relate to, if they see you as human, just like them and not just out to make money, then they may just stick around.

They’ll be wanting to know more, tell them the story of how you started, make a connection.

This is how we build trust, rapport with our potential customers, whether they be other businesses or consumers of our products or services. This is how we build long-term relationships which will lead to sales.


Yes, that. Balance is important, when I say give them your story, I don’t mean ramble endlessly with no end goal. NO vomiting of personal information for the sake of it. Your clients don’t want to hear about how badly your divorce went, unless of course it relates back to how or why you started your business. There has to be a structure and whatever stories you decide to share, they should connect to your brand story.


Is your story relevant to your business, your brand,to your personal journey, to how you started out? If it isn’t don’t bore people with it. Keep it relevant, succinct. Be personable, be kind, be funny, be serious, be you. Whatever you do don’t ramble.

Or it might be the one thing that makes people leave instead of stay on the page.

You want to connect and gain the confidence of your audience not alienate them or turn them off.

So what do I do then?

Well I add the structure, I write the story, I add it all together and create some kick-ass About Me Page bios that will reel your audience in until they’re eating out of your hands.

In essence, your About Me Page is a sales page, or at least it can be if you craft it well enough.

Really? Yes, Really, I can do that, in fact it’s my drug, my reasons for getting up in the morning...well there are other reasons for me getting up in the morning too, but this is one fantastic, crazy reason amongst many of them.

If up until now your About Me Page has been dry and uneventful, then I can certainly help create the kind of bio that will keep potential clients/users on your page and make them want to stay.

In a nutshell, I’m your solution. I can create the kind of copy that will help you attract clients, engage with them and keep them, helping you to not only help the kind of people you’ve been looking for, but to be your own success story.

Who am I?

I'm someone who's interested in people. And of course I’m interested in people’s stories, how they got to be where they are, and how it relates to where they are now.

I have a fascinating and eclectic history of my own, one I can rely on to help me create the kind of content that speaks to your target audience. I like getting to the heart of what you need to say, it’s people you’re reaching out to, and I can help you do it better.

Me darling, moi??

I’m from a working class background and I was a shy awkward child with ginger hair and glasses and my head was always in a book. I loved reading and writing. I was painfully shy and hid behind a clownish exterior, yes a story older than the bible.

I often felt isolated and miserable, so I made up stories and entertained people, I wrote and read, I read and wrote stuff, and when I wasn’t doing that I was watching old Hollywood movies with my mum. Sometimes I got bullied, a lot.

But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I love people who get to where they are through sheer force of will, hard work and determination to succeed.

And that can apply to a business, a group of people who serve the needs of other business….like a b2b, or a b2c - and I love both, heartily.

I grew up and worked in a variety of different jobs, then I went to university, I was the first person to do that in my family. Proudest moment. My parents had left school when they were 14. Can you believe that??

I got lost along the way more than once. Then I got to where I wanted to be, here, writing for a living and working with people.

And for me it’s all about stories, how people win their battles, and how they cope with life, good times and bad. For me it’s all about you and your business.

What motivates a person to start a business and what’s their backstory?

I love film, documentaries, books (I’m constantly reading), poetry, words, anything in fact that tells a human story of triumph over disaster.

I’m interested in everything.

I mean how can a business get to be so successful, what’s the back story, what’s the driving force behind it?

Listen, I can help you create the most persuasive and sparkling About Me Page for your business that best reflects what you do and who you’re trying to reach, so you can increase conversions and get more visitors to your website, and of course make more sales.

You don’t have to be one individual, you can be a group of individuals.

You don’t have to be a b2c, you can be a b2b. I’m on a mission to make b2b bios/About Me/About Us Pages more interesting and spectacular, so you’ll get more hits, more interest, more clients and more sales. Don’t worry, I won’t make it cute and fluffy, I’ll make it relevant to your business, to whatever it is you do.

I’m specifically interested in working with people within the world of sustainability, eco-friendly businesses, businesses that do good either directly through their business or outside of it, in a novel and unique way. Basically, are you a business that works ethically? Do you sell recycled, ethical garments, products, or provide services, do you encourage people to recycle and live ethically?

Do you help people less fortunate than yourselves, vulnerable, people struggling with poverty. Do you work with animals? Are you a keen advocate of clean living, veganism, healthy food?

Do you provide technical assistance, or provide products or services that in turn helps others indirectly or otherwise?

Basically if you want to do good I want to help you spread the word...

So why not get in touch and we can bounce some ideas off each other...?

This is how I work. I ask questions, lots of questions. There’ll be interviews and a questionnaire, and by the time I’m finished you’ll have a page that’s picture perfect with relevant stories, links, offers and a powerful as f**K Call to Action.

I’m your secret weapon and I want to help your business succeed…

What’s your story?

Tell me.

Email me: gillianjones@taithcopywritinguk.com

...or fill in the form on my contact page and let's start working together.

Phone calls by appointment only.

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