What sets YOU apart from the rest?

What is it that makes you and your business remarkable?

With the internet brimming with new businesses daily it’s important to differentiate, to stand out from the rest.

I’m not suggesting you make things up or embellish things that aren’t true, but you do need to show how unique you are, and give people a reason to do business with you.

Your bio, otherwise known as your About Me, About Us, Who We Are, or whatever else it is you like to call it is the perfect platform to talk about yourself and what you do.

You need to differentiate yourself from the competition

But how can you do that?

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could explain what you do perfectly, all the complexities and originality of what you’ve created to an eager audience of potential clients/customers?

Supposing your bio was so well written it managed to clarify what you provide with such humour and passion that people stayed on the page to finish reading it instead of moving on?

And what if your bio was delivered in such a way that it made people who read it want to hire you as a result?

Just think what it would be like if you could use your story-centred bio as more than just an About Me Page but as a powerful sales page with relevant links and offers that came with all the fireworks?

Yes, you can do all that. Because you have me to help.

Sadly too many bios contain irrelevant stories, boring reminiscences and tedious career timelines, or a tiresome list of qualifications no one cares about.

Sometimes there’s a combination of all the above. What you want is a story that’s relevant to your business, something that will resonate with your readers and help to connect all the elements that brought your business together.

Show them, tell them, persuade, promote and talk about your passion -

What exactly is your business?

What purpose does it serve?

What are your products or services about?

What’s your brand story?

Why do you do what you do?

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Don't get left behind....