As of 29th May 2015 - 1 I will agree with you, the client, in advance of the project requirements the estimated time to complete and the final deadline.

2 Full payment is due on receipt of invoice.

3 If you the client, have not settled the invoice within the time specified after receipt of the invoice, you will be charged interest in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interests) Acts 1998 and considered actionable. I will be entitled to charge interest on an overdue invoice from the date payment was due at a rate of 4.5%.

3 A deposit is required for all projects where an agreed figure for completed work is over £100 from the client to the supplier. 

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the client will pay a 50% non- refundable deposit before commencement of the project. Work will not begin until the 50% non-refundable deposit has been received. 

g) If the client decides to cancel a project, the 50% non- refundable deposit  is non-refundable. In this Taith Copywriting reserves the right to charge for any time or work expended upon the project, to the date of cancellation.

4 All payments are to be made either by bank transfer or PayPal only.

5 I will attach links to all online work completed by myself, the supplier, e.g. web content, blogs etc. and refer to it on my site as part of self-promotion, unless I have signed an NDA agreed with you prior to commencement of work.

6 After I, the supplier, commence working for you, the Client, my terms and conditions stated here will apply immediately to all work undertaken.

7 As the client, you have entered into work with me, the supplier, on behalf of yourself or your organisation.

8 You will provide me, the supplier, with everything I need to complete the project and answer all queries in a clear and timely fashion.

9 As the client you will review my work, give feedback where required in a clear and timely fashion.

10 To agree to the agreed timescales for payment as described in 2 above.

11 I, the supplier, will make every effort to ensure the work is checked for grammar and spelling errors before handing the work over.

12 It will be your responsibility as the client, to check the work at your end, and hand it back to me for further edits and corrections if any errors are found in a timely fashion. I am absolved of responsibility if, when the work is finally published, errors appear in the published version, regardless of whether they were in the draft I supplied you with.

As the supplier of services to you, the client:

  • I will carry out the services required to the very best of my ability in a timely fashion and to the timescales agreed
  • During my time with you I will, at all times, behave in a professional manner
  • I will treat all information you give me during the period we work together as confidential.

The services I provide to you (the client) will be as follows:

  • I, the supplier, will create work for you, the client, as agreed in the project details discussed
  • Unless otherwise arranged, all work will be completed in a Microsoft word document or Google docs.
  • Any changes or revisions may be required on occasion – this is included in the agreed price. However, I have a limited time to spend on rewrites, therefore the price will include ONE round of rewrite/edits/changes, unless otherwise agreed. Any more required following this will include charges
  • Once the work has been signed off, published or used any further changes, again, will incur further expense
  • Make sure you're happy with my T&Cs before you allow me to carry out the work. All changes/edits/revisions must take place within the scope of these terms
  • Any further changes or rework that's requested after the project has been completed, published and used following the end of the agreed project, will incur further charges
  • Changes to the assignment details can create large amounts of extra work which has not been budgeted for in the cost provided.

The circumstances when something like this is likely to happen:

  • If you radically change the structure of your website and page layout
  • Changing the features or selling points of any services or products originally described by the text
  • No work will be started until the project/work/assignment and prices have been agreed by both parties.


  • When you (the client) have paid me in full for all work completed, all copyright will be assigned over to you. You can then use the work as you choose
  • However, until you pay me, the supplier, in full for all work completed, copyright of the work remains with me.


  • I aim to hit all deadlines – but without your help I can't. If a deposit has been agreed and you (the client) haven't responded, or you are slow to respond with any materials or feedback needed to proceed, deadlines may be missed
  • I can’t be responsible for deadlines missed due to circumstances completely beyond my control, like family emergencies, floods, war, acts of god etc.
  • Further changes will take extra time. We can agree deadlines for those together, but I’ll do everything I can to meet your needs.



  • I, the supplier, make a living as a freelancer, so prompt payment is important to me. To ensure we’re able to work together, you, the client, agree to stick tight to the agreed payment schedule.
  • If I have not received any feedback or comments within the time discussed of submitting work to you, the client, (at any stage - the initial draft or subsequent edits), I will assume you are happy the work has been completed and will invoice for the remaining balance.
  • I’m not registered for VAT and my payment terms are: All payment is due on receipt of invoice.


Cancelling work agreed

 If you, the client, wish to cancel the work assigned and agreed to, and you’ve placed a deposit, your deposit is non-refundable.


  • I, the supplier, will do my best to ensure all facts and statements in my work are true and that it doesn’t infringe upon any copyright or other rights of a third party.
  • However, I can't be liable to you, the client, or any third party, for damages, including lost profits, lost savings, complaints, claims, litigation or other incidental, consequential or special damages which arise regarding any work assigned and completed by me.

If any provision of this agreement shall be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from this agreement and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.


By signing below, you agree to the terms of this contract.


Signed by: Signature: ……………………………………

Date: ……………………………………


Signed by: [name]

On behalf of: [company]

Signature: ……………………………………

Date: ……………………………………

Please print this, sign it and scan it back to me. Otherwise I may ask you to send an email clarifying to me that you've read my T&Cs.

Make sure you keep a copy of this document for your records. I’m looking forward to working with you.