B2Bs - in IT, tech, manufacturing, construction. Small to medium businesses, individuals or teams. Sustainable businesses are good!


Different strokes for different folks...

So, I'm a copywriter and I'd like to work with b2bs that do good but still want to make money. Sustainable eco tech is good, but not essential, you could be in cyber security, information security, data protection (I have a background in information security/privacy/confidentiality) you can also be in manufacturing or construction, be a large business or small to medium. You can be an individual or a team, whether it’s two or two hundred.

Basically - 

If you're a b2b in the way I’ve described above, struggling to put yourself out there, as well as make money, and you have a service, campaign, or product you care about - then I can help.

What kind of business are you?

You can be any kind of business if it encompasses the above, and you'll be looking to change certain aspects of people's lives for the better. Even if your business doesn’t do this directly, it may be in charge of an initiative to help others outside of office hours.

A copywriter can help convey your business message CLEARLY addressing your target audience in the best way possible

You'll understand what a copywriter is and the value they bring. And because you understand the value of working with a copywriter you'll have a budget set aside for this area of your business.

You're friendly and communicative and enjoy collaboration. You're not looking for advice, you're looking to work with someone for a short or longer period of time to get your business, course, campaign, service, or product in the public eye. 

I can only work with so many clients, so I have to choose carefully who I work with. If you think you fit the criteria above, please get in touch.

You can do this in one of several ways - 

  • you can email me at gillianjones@taithcopywritinguk.com

  • you can fill in the form on my contact page (phone calls by appointment only)

  • or get in touch via Twitter - @TywysogesEwrop or my Facebook business page Taith Copywriting UK